High Quality Seed, High Quality Service

Established in 1952, Dalton Seeds is one of the largest independent, family-owned seed businesses in the UK. Our commitment is to produce high-quality seed and provide a service to match. In addition to supplying quality seed to farmers, we also process seed for most national and international seed breeders in the UK.

What we can offer

  • Seed grown by reliable and established growers
  • Experienced Crop Inspectors
  • Reliable haulage
  • 450 tonnes daily production capacity
  • Over 25,000 tonnes per year throughput
  • 7500 tonnes of on-site storage space
  • Supplying to major brands nationally and internationally
  • In recent years we have invested well over £2.5m in plant equipment, storage space and offices.

Seed Growing Contracts

Our seed growers are a dedicated group of farmers capable of producing seed to the highest standards.  The crops are inspected by our experienced team of licensed crop inspectors or for higher grades by DEFRA. Seed that meets these exacting standards is then tested in our own Licensed Seed Laboratory prior to being processed for seed.

The range of crops grown include cereals, pulses and oilseeds, both winter and spring. The requirements for growing seed vary from crop to crop and grade to grade and while our established growers can fulfil the bulk of our seed requirements we often have opportunities for new growers.

For full details including the benefits of growing seed please contact Ben Easthope – Phone: 01733 221798 or Email: ben@daltonseeds.co.uk

Seed Testing

We will analyse for purity and test the germination and vigour of a sample of your harvested grain. Disease tests are available on request.

For further information contact Bryan Bowen – Phone: 01733 222391 or Email: bryan@daltonseeds.co.uk

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