Growing Seed for the Breeders

Part of our offering to Breeders and Marketing businesses, is that we can arrange to grow the crop for you. We have a large group of experienced seed growers, some of which we have been working with for over 35 years. This isn’t to say that we are not looking for new growers and we welcome an approach from anyone who would like to work with us to produce the best quality seed.

We are working with several Breeders and Marketing businesses already and in the various partnerships we tailor the level of involvement that the customer wants from this service. You can inspect your own crops or you can leave it all to us. We have licenced crop inspectors in all the major combinable crops and several are licenced at the higher level for Pre Basic and Basic seed.

We sample all the produce of the seed crops and test as required through our licenced laboratory. All tests being performed by our fully trained Analyst in Charge, Bryan Bowen.

As a business we have over 65 years experience in growing seed, we have a very good idea what you want and we aim to deliver.

For further information, please contact Peter Fox or Ben Easthope.

Phone: 01733 221798 or Email: or

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