Seed Cleaning Services

At Daltons we have continued to invest heavily in the latest seed cleaning equipment, introducing whatever new technology is available and never being content that we can’t do more.

We process seed for nearly all the breeders and several marketing businesses too. This service represents 50% of all the seed we clean.

Everything is colour sorted and where necessary gravity separation and destoning is also performed. We separate good seed from screenings by sieving, lifting with air, sorting by grain length, colour and specific weight. Continuous sampling during the process ensures the highest level of quality control and gives the opportunity to adjust the process as the crop varies. We run two seed cleaning lines and operate daily from harvest to May.

The crops we currently clean as service work are, Wheat, Barley including Hybrid, Oats, Hybrid Rye, Triticale, Beans, Peas and Vining Peas, Lupins, Soya Beans, Millet, Linseed and last but not least, Oilseed Rape. We are not currently equipped to clean grass.

For further information, please contact Peter Fox or Ben Easthope.

Phone: 01733 221798 or Email: or

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