High Quality Seed, High Quality Service

Established in 1952, Dalton Seeds is one of the largest independent, family-owned seed businesses in the UK. Our commitment is to produce high-quality seed and provide a service to match. In addition to supplying quality seed to farmers, we also process seed for most national and international seed breeders in the UK.

Farm Saved Seed Service

Whilst it is our firm belief that the best offering we can give to the farmer is certified seed. We understand that there are many reasons that they might wish to home save their own. At Dalton Seeds we offer a full range of services from field inspection to sample testing to cleaning to treating and packing.

Growing Seed for the Breeders

Part of our offering to Breeders and Marketing businesses, is that we can arrange to grow crop for you. We have a large group of experienced seed growers, some of which we have been working with for over 35 years. As a business with over 65 years experience in growing seed, we have a very good idea of what you want and always we aim to deliver.

Seed Cleaning Services

We continue to invest in the latest seed cleaning equipment. We are always introducing new technology when it becomes available and never being content that we can’t do more. Crops that we currently clean include Wheat, Barley (including Hybrid), Oats, Hybrid Rye, Soya Beans, plus many more.

Seed Treatment & Packing

We don’t always clean seed for our customers, we can offer just treatment and packing for distribution. All of treatment lines we are using the latest pump technology to apply with 99.9% accuracy every batch. We also have flexibility when treating seed. We are always prepared to switch what we are doing to get a more urgent job done.

Strategic Seed Storage

If you are a breeder of high grade seed and the only one producing that seed in the UK, there is a chance that if your next crop fails, you will have no seed for further multiplication. We have the capability to store some seed from one year to the next to prevent that happening.

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