Farm Saved Seed Service

Whilst it is our firm belief that the best offering we can give to the farmer is certified seed. We understand that there are many reasons that they might wish to home save their own .

So if this is what you have chosen to do, why not make sure it is cleaned to the highest standards and treated with the most accurate application equipment. None of our machinery will have been shaken around on the back of a lorry before it works for you.

Here at Dalton Seeds we offer a full range of services from field inspection to sample testing to cleaning to treating and packing. The benefits of using our service are:

  • Your seed is tested prior to collection from farm to establish germination and purity.
  • We collect the seed and clean it through the most sophisticated equipment available including colour sorting. This takes the problem away from the farm where your labour is required to be involved in the operation.
  • A full range of seed treatments are applied through the best equipment available. It is important that seed treatment is applied evenly as well as acurately.
  • Reduced hassle on farm, all you have to do is load the bulk seed out and receive it back. We deal with the screenings.
  • We only use new bags, used bags are a health and safety hazard as nearly all bags are only classed as one trip bags. You can even return your used bags to us and we will dispose of them for you.
  • No worries about Farm Assurance issues with having the treatment of grain on the farm near your grain that will be sold for human or animal consumption.

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