Strategic Seed Storage

If you are a breeder of high grade seed and you are the only one producing that seed in the UK, there is a chance that if you next crop fails, you will have no seed for further multiplication. At Daltons we have over 7000 tonnes of bagged seed storage and so we have the capability to store some seed from one year to the next. Part of this service is to sample and check the seed for condition and germination between seasons, then when the time comes the seed can be repacked and treated for use.

As a result of almost all customers needing this facility, our warehouses are never empty. Most storage is on the floor or pallets but some is racked so that higher value small seeds can be provided with addition protection. Because of our barcode system we know where all the seed is located and so when it comes to stock checking, treatment or despatch, it’s all relatively straight forward and swift.

For further information, please contact Peter Fox or Ben Easthope.

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